Collegia Opificum was founded as an Experiencial Lab in 2016

In the same year DPeR Technologies Study and Development started and led to its patenting during 2018.

From there on the company started specializing in producing simple and effective loudspeakers with a unique quality of sound.



Our loudspeakers are designed to obtain maximum fidelity and sound reproduction starting with only one transducer

Every single model is created from a speaker we designated, to the point that the final result is the direct mathematical interpretation of the loudspeaker itself.



There are many existing theories about speaker cabinet designing and each one of them shows advantages and disadvantages;
We design in a relatively simple way but we make sure we carry out the work the most advanced and competent way current technology can allow.

Our cabinets are built with solid wood internally reinforced and insulated with a variety of specific materials for resonance control to ensure reduced colouration to avoid interference with the music being reproduced.

In order to ensure quality finishes and lacquers on the outside as well, we only use real wood of various types.